A New Hobby!

After using the GPS to find Peter Kane’s waterhole, Robert discovered a new use for the electronic device besides a pedometer. He found Geocaching, a new hobby. Our first day out we had several caches within hiking distance marked on the GPS. We quickly found our first!


We continued our route and found our second cache within an hour. While we were inspecting the contents another group of ‘geocachers’ arrived (coincidentally from Oregon also). They didn’t have to look hard for the cache since we had it already! They gave us coordinates for another cache we didn’t have on our GPS and we decided to look for that one after we found our third goal. That last cache was a difficult one, we were right on top of the coordinates, but we never saw the container. All in all we hiked 9 miles, found 3 of 4 caches, learned more about the uses of the GPS and had a great time out in the sun.


Robert inspecting the contents of a cache.


Mary Jo even got in on the fun!

One Response to “A New Hobby!”

  1. Sammy Says:

    Hey, ya gotta head for some vegetated terrain where search is trickier, now that you’ve got some geocaching experience!