Aug. 1 -Redwood Bar to Brookings to Wildhorse (78 miles)

There was fog in the trees this morning and the scent of ocean in the air. A 24 mile ride brought us to the Oregon/California border. I made it! 464 miles on my bike (Robert did the first 33 miles)!

I made it!

We spent some time in Brookings, resupplying at the Fred Meyer store, doing laundry and having a great seafood lunch before heading back into the mountains on our return trip.

Looking down at the Chetco River from high on Mineral Hill.

The Jeep 4 wheeling up to Snow Camp Lookout. The only 4 wheel drive section of the trip, only 2 miles.

The Klamath Mountains through fir trees.

We made it to Wildhorse Campground nestled in big firs next to a sunny meadow.

We made a makeshift fishing pole for Mavrik to chase the cork. His Barbie fishing pole broke from too much sand at one of the swimming holes.

The view from the 'loo.

The campsite backlit by the sunset.

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