Aug. 3 -Evans Creek to Home (192 miles)

We had a wonderful campsite on Evans Creek.

But 8 nights out sleeping on the ground was taking its toll on us. A last swim in the creek and we decided to take pavement and get home today.

I rode to Shady Cove, got on Highway 62 and headed to Union Creek, in the trees along the Rogue River. For everything you want to know about the Rogue River click HERE. We stopped for a break and I got some ice cream at the little shop. Then continued on Highway 230 to Diamond Lake to connect with Windigo Pass road, a total of 107 miles. I then gave the motorcycle over to Robert so he could enjoy the last 52 mile stretch of gravel and dirt roads to near Lapine where we caught the last 33 miles of Highway 97 back home! 831 miles total. I rode the motorcycle for 713 miles, Robert rode it for 118 miles!

Happy Trails!

One Response to “Aug. 3 -Evans Creek to Home (192 miles)”

  1. Kris and Ron Says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip….wish we were there!!

    Miss you!