July 26 -BBBB (109 miles)

Bend to Brookings and Back on a Bike!

We decided to have a little adventure in these dog days of summer and make a camping trip along half of the “Corner to Corner” route that Robert and Mark took last summer (see August 2009 Archives). To take Mavrik along we had to have the Jeep which also carried all the camping gear, water, food, etc. But, I wanted to ride my motorcycle as well to experience some of the adventure of the Corner to Corner concept. Robert did major maintenance on the Suzuki DR 350 including a new turn signal and rear tire and we gathered all the gear and packed it (tightly) in the Jeep and were ready to start out on Monday, July 26.

A hail storm delayed our start for about an hour. At least it cooled the temperature from 90 to 70!
Robert rode the motorcycle the first 35 miles on the pavement, then I took over and got soaked in a rainstorm as we passed Wickiup Reservoir, with Mt. Bachelor in the background. This picture is from a previous trip.
A sign forest, which way do we go?
We took Windigo Pass road and crossed the Pacific Crest Trail in a cloud of mosquitoes.
Our first campsite, the Forest Service’s Toketee airfield, the most open area to avoid the mosquitoes!
We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset reflected on the clouds over the airfield.

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  1. Melody Says:

    I LOVE this photo, great shot.