July 28 -Skookum to Elderberry (92 miles)

We woke to another beautiful day and had a leisurely breakfast. We got on the road at about 10 am and traveled some pavement to a gravel road junction where we found the World’s Tallest Sugarpine. It’s among other tall trees and we missed the sign at first, I backtracked on the bike and took pictures for Robert to see.

The World's Tallest Sugarpine.

We continued towards Tiller to gas up. All roads here seem to lead to Tiller, but sometimes a gravel road we took lead us away from Tiller!

Lots of logging on one road towards Tiller.

We passed Devil's Flat campground where we saw this restored log structure.

We found excellent camping at Elderberry Flat on the West Fork of Evans Creek.

Better yet, it had a great swimming hole! Mavrik enjoyed playing in the water, chasing a cork tied to his Barbie fishing pole!

Yay, he finally caught the cork!

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