July 29 -Elderberry to Argo (67 miles)

After a morning dip in the swimming hole we packed up and continued our adventure. We are in BLM land now (Bureau of Land Management) and their signage system is bizarre if it is existent! We inadvertently got on a powerline road that was rough and steep. We backtracked and found our intended road, then had to backtrack again after trying to go over King Mountain. We met a Pacific Power worker in his truck coming down King Mtn. who advised against traveling through the private property on the top of the mountain.

The powerline road. Robert scouted ahead on foot. He and Mark took this route on their bikes last year, but we don't want to risk getting stuck too far out in the Jeep!

We got back on track after trying to go over King Mountain on the right.

Our lunch break stop was at Wolf Creek Inn State Heritage Site, just west of I-5 Highway.

It was a great stopping point, as it has been since 1883.

The Ladies Parlor was a cool refuge from the intense sun and heat.

We continued on the paved but narrow winding road along Wolf Creek and Grave Creek to the Argo campsite on the banks of the Rogue River.

A rare shaded spot at the Argo gravel bar where rafters put in for a trip on the wild and scenic Rogue River.

Another swimming hole!

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