Sept. 2; Arriving in Geneva

We arrived at the Geneva Airport in the afternoon of the 2nd and were greeted by our hosts.

Snow capped peaks over Geneva.

Our Welcoming Committee (from left to right) Michel, unidentified smiling man, Yvette and Raymonde.

Arriving at our host's beautiful home in Vandoeuvres, a short distance outside of Geneva.

We were shown ‘our’ room and stowed our gear, then went out for a walk around the neighborhood to stretch our legs and get our bearings. For being so close to Geneva (a 10 minute drive straight into the heart of the city) Vandoeuvres is very rural!

A local farmer mulching his field.

A pony in a neighboring field.

A path from the park to the Vandoeuvres 'city hall'.

A garden at the city hall complex.

Decoration on a city hall building.

We returned and took a tour of the house before we settled down to a light meal.

The back of the house and the flower and berry garden.

The view out back from the open dining room 'wall' window.

The dining room opposite the open window.

A small part of the living room.

The wine cellar!

The first of many gourmet meals - a cucumber aspic salad with mustard vinaigrette dressing, followed by spaghetti with tomato sauce. Yum!

And finally, falling asleep under the chandelier in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

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