Sept. 3; A Tour of Geneva

After a delicious breakfast including eggs, homemade bread, homegrown honey and homemade apple and cherry jellies and jams a well as delicious capucinnos (an espresso coffee drink with foamy steamed milk), we were taken on a tour of the city of Geneva (pronounced Geneve to the french speaking natives).

The architecture of the city is beautiful, blending very old with tasteful new elements.

Translated as The "Hotel Stork" with a beautiful gold effigy of the namesake.

The Douglas Parfumerie (perfume store). We saw several all around Switzerland.

We passed the synagogue (in the largely Protestant town, very influential in the Reformation) on the way to our lunch date.

We met Yvette for lunch at "Le Boulevard", a favorite dining establishment specializing in Spanish food.

Appetizer of sashimi and avacado in a cream sauce.

A meat and cheese plate appetizer.

We all enjoyed the appetizers and entres and complimentary dessert as well.

The specialty of the house, perch fillets with pommes frites (french fries) and perfect carrots.

We continued our tour of the city.

The 3 legged chair sculpture opposite the United Nations Complex.

We headed to the United Nations Complex, but the tour was described as 'limited' so we didn't bother.

This is as close as we got!

Wandering around the nearby park we stumbled upon the Museum of Ceramics, the Musee Ariana. A beautiful building inside as well, but no picture-taking allowed!

Oops, I didn't see the 'no pictures' sign. But notice that the pillars on the upper level are all different.

Back in town proper we marvelled at the variety of transportation. The electric trolleys.

The motorcycles of all types!

And even cars4fun!

After our tour we shopped at the huge Coop (department and grocery store) and headed to Yvette’s for dinner.

The view towards Geneva from Yvette's garden.

The patio table set with bruchetta appetizers.

The dining table set for another gourmet meal; green salad, veal liver sauteed in wine sauce and 'rooshtee'* a Swiss traditional fried potato dish.

Another great meal from the Seppey Sisters!

*Note; “Rooshtee” is spelled Roesti, click HERE to learn more. For pictures of every conceivable way to serve Roesti, click HERE. You’re probably hungry now!

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