Sept. 4; Local Harvest Festival

Another homemade breakfast, this time with traditional muesli soaked overnight in yogurt as well as a pear tart. Today we were taken on a countryside tour and to a nearby town, Anieres, for their “Fete ses Vendanges”, or Vineyard Harvest Festival.

The colorful roundabout leading to Anieres main street, closed off for the festivities.

Meeting a Bernese Mountain Dog, or 'Bouviers Bernois' in the local lingo.

The dogs at work, pulling gaily decorated carts and children passengers.

The Cow Bell Ringers (for lack of knowledge as to what they call themselves) in traditional dress.

The local ladies in traditional canton dress.

Dolls exhibiting the traditional dress of all the regions of Switzerland.

Traditional dress on live models!

A demonstration of Swiss wrestling; 'lutte au calecon', translated as 'fight shorts'. A tradition of shepherds where The wrestlers have to catch their opponent's side of his underwear to make him fall on his back. The underwear is typically leather and worn on the outside!

Take down!

A beautiful demonstration of the Alpenhorns. We were able to try it ourselves, but we don't have the alpine lungs!

We headed home to dine alfresco on the back patio on such a wonderful evening.

The outside patio with the awning closed.

The downstairs kitchen leading out to the patio. Raymonde had her whole kitchen moved down here under the dining room when she remodeled upstairs.

The door leading into the rest of the basement.

Kir Royale with sparkling white wine and homemade creme de cassis.

The chefs and the successfully grilled rack of lamb.

Delicious lamb chops, the best potatoes ever and cooked lettuce and peas.

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