Sept. 9; Ste Enimie to Castelbouc

We had a wonderful breakfast of breads, croissants, yogurt, homemade jams, jellies and honey, orange juice and pitchers of hot coffee and hot milk. Our B&B host, Madame Barthomeuf, asked us what we would like to do today and we replied ‘some hiking’. She offered us many suggestions in all different directions. We chose to hike 6 km upstream along the Tarn river to the tiny medieval town of Castelbouc.

A view of Ste Enimie from across the river. Our B&B is behind the big building (the monastery) at the top of the town.

The path upstream along the Tarn.

The river Tarn in the Gorges du Tarn area of the Cevennes National Park.

Click HERE for more information about Gorges du Tarn, click HERE for more info about Cevennes National Park.

A very old farm house along the trail.

A town across the river.

Terraces built up the hillside.

Approaching Castlebouc.

The village is built around huge boulders.

The buildings are built right up to and around the rocks!

The village was virtually deserted today, tourist season must be over!

A rest stop.

The slate roof shingles are intriguing.

Back in Ste Enimie we were more aware of the ancient terraces built up above the village.

A medieval street in Ste Enimie.

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