Sept. 10; Kayak to Hauterives & La Malene

Our plans were to hike the 13 km from Ste Enimie downstream to Hauterives (pronounced ‘outreeve’) where we have a reservation for the night at a Gite d’etape (translated as ‘lodging’, but more like a B&B). Robert suggested that we rent kayaks and float downstream which is a thriving tourist business in Ste Enimie. After breakfast we headed down to the river and secured 2 kayaks and as we were pushing off our B&B hosts arrived to wish us ‘bon voyage’!

Floating downstream on the Tarn river.

The barrels held our gear from our backpacks.

A small section of the Gorges du Tarn.

The bridge at St Chely du Tarn, about 1/2 way!

The village of St Chely du Tarn from across the bridge.

Fall colors are apparent already in the Gorges du Tarn.

Landing at Hauterives, reachable by foot or boat only.

The welcoming committee, along with some ducks. The tiny village was empty of people until the B&B proprietor poled her way across the river in a small boat after sending supplies over on a small cable cart suspended above the river.

We had a choice of rooms and chose the upstairs smaller room. This is the entry.

Our room. At night it was pitch black until the moon shone in through the tiny window.

We stowed our gear in Hauterives and continued kayaking downstream to La Malene where we left the kayaks.

We hiked back towards Hauterives along the river and saw the last and biggest falls, the dam before La Malene. These kayakers just bounced the rental down over the rocks!

Approaching Hauterives on foot.

Above Hauterives there is a chateau and ruins of an old castle.

After our long day of kayaking and hiking we used the communal kitchen to cook a simple meal.

And we enjoyed our meal and a delightful evening with 2 other guests at the outdoor dining area.

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