Sept. 15; #4 Manarola towards Corniglia

As we approached Manarola we realized we were pretty hungry. We walked the main street, filled with fishing boats, and found a great little restaurant.

The inside was quaint, but it was so nice out that everyone was eating outside on the deck.

We ordered an appetizer of swordfish marinated in lemon juice.

I had an entree of clams fettucini.

Robert had spaghetti with octopus and tomatoes. The octopus was tender and delicious!

The view as we left Manarola towards Corniglia.

The blue waters of the Mediterranean were looking very inviting, and most of our hiking was done now!

A suspension bridge crossed a small gorge.

Looking back towards Manarola along the pebbly beach.

A stairway down to the beach!

And a dip in the cool, blue, salty water!

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