Sept. 15 #5 Corniglia

We arrived in Corniglia after a short level walk. We meandered the streets since we were unable to do so last night. It looks like the smallest and cleanest of the 5 villages. The inhabitants were out for their evening walks with the kids or just to go to the plaza to gossip or watch the sunset.

A colorful narrow street led to.....

...and opened out onto a plaza with fabulous views over the sea.

The view looking over the wall down the steep cliff to the sea.

Looking back towards Manarola.

A resident kitty soaking up the warmth from the plaza flagstones.

The sun began to set.

The setting sun reflected on a nearby building with the terraces of vineyards and gardens in the background.

We reluctantly walked the narrow lanes to the bus station for the ride down to the train station.

The sun was setting.

The beautiful, colorful night sky as we wait for the train back to Vernazza and a good nites sleep!

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