Sept. 18; Day Trip to San Marino

An interesting spot on the map just north and west of Pesaro warranted a closer look. San Marino it turns out is the third smallest country in the world after the Vatican and Monaco. It is also “the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutionalĀ republic in the world, as the continuation of the monastic community founded on 3 September 301, by stonecutterĀ Marinus of Arbe.” We decided we had to visit! A half hour train ride to the resort town of Rimini and an hour long bus ride to and up the slopes of Mount Titano brought us to the main city of San Marino. The weather wasn’t conducive to beautiful photos so mine will have to do, or find great images HERE.

The view from Mount Titano looking west towards the Apennine Mountains.

We walked through the medieval stone lanes filled with shoppers looking for duty free bargains in all the shops lining the streets and came to the Piazza della Liberta to view the changing of the guards.

The Public Palace on 'Liberty Square'.

The changing of the guard.

The "Guard of the Rock".

They guard the members of the Great and General Council, who apparently have to wear Disney costumes to perform their duties.

At a viewpoint looking east towards the Adriatic sea.

Approaching the first of three castle-like fortifications on Mnt. Titano that have protected the country of San Marino for centuries.

Looking back at Guaita (the 1st tower) from Cesta (the 2nd tower).

Montale (the 3rd tower, sorry no good pictures of the 2nd tower) was used as a prison. The doorway was halfway up the wall accessible by ladder only, it truly must have been a 'pit' of a prison!

Colorful flowers and lots of park-like settings with sculptures offset the gray skies.

A rare empty street, no shops here.

Between the 2nd & 3rd tower and continuing around the slightly less steep NE face of Mnt. Titano is a Nature Park, very serene.

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