Sept. 19; Tour Pesaro

Last night we returned to Pesaro and we walked to our hotel from the train station stopping at a grocery store for an antipasto, salad and bread dinner. As we ate in our room we watched storm front after storm front rolling through with lightning, thunder and downpours! Today we woke to a chilly rain so we had a leisurely breakfast down in the lobby with fabulous cappucinnos. A little break in the weather finally lured us outside to explore the town.

We headed straight for the beach which was empty due to the cold wind whipping in.

We moved one block in, away from the brisk wind along the beach, and walked through a neighborhood of what looked like vacation villas. Some of the villas were all buttoned up for the season already.

Detail of an outdoor restaurant that was closed for the season.

We walked through town to the train station. A street fair was in progress with tables selling everything from fabric to furniture. There were very few shoppers tho due to the weather. We continued past the station to Parco Miralfiore, a public park with a private villa from the 15th century in the center.

A path in Parco Miralfiore leading to the private villa.

A very Italian looking landscape in the park.

We returned to town via the path along the Foglia river flowing towards the Adriatic. It appears swollen and silt laden from the storms last night.

In town the Piazza del Popolo was filling up with late afternoon shoppers. An energy fair was set up around the fountain.

We continued on to the Rocca Costanza, a defensive fortification built in 1474 and completed in 1505.

As the sun began setting we passed this unique facade of the Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena.

We completed our circular tour by returning to the Adriatic to see the moon reflected in the waves.

We picked up a pizza on our way back to the hotel. All the pizza we've had in Europe have come with an egg cooked right in the middle. We don't know why, but it's good!

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