Jan. 25 – Surprise!

We explored our newest campsite area, walking a jeep trail into the mountains. The trail narrowed to a quad track then disappeared as the terrain became more rough and steep. The promise of a view from a pass above spurred us onward and upward and we were rewarded with a surprise. We had discovered a short cut into Tumco! (Check back to Jan. 15, 2008 blog when we visited the same area) It was a new approach that brought us into the old gold mining area via the sand dunes created when a huge storm disgorged the sandy contents of the huge cyanide leach vats.

Robert and Mavrik approach the huge vats.

What’s amazing is that a picture on a reader board along the trail through the ghost town shows the vats standing on wood scaffolding at least 30 feet feet high! It must all be buried in the sand!

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