Jan. 31 – Lizard Territory

On Friday, Jan. 27, Mavrik and I walked around a big hill we call Chocolate Mountain. The hill is covered with big smooth chocolate colored rocks that don’t seem to occur anywhere else in the area, quite interesting. As we traversed a seemingly barren sandy area around the base a lizard darted in front of me (Mavrik missed it, thank goodness or I never would have gotten the picture!).

I suspected it is a Zebra-tailed Lizard and an internet search confirmed it. It’s either a female or it’s not mating season yet otherwise if it’s a male the dark bands on the tail (hence the name) would be more prominent as well as the green coloring on the sides of the belly. Today Robert and I took the same walk and the same lizard darted out in front of us.

I could tell it’s the same one from the pattern of peeling skin on it’s head. Check out those super long toes on the back feet!

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