Aug. 20 – Back Home

Upon reaching Port Hardy we learned that we are needed elsewhere so we quickly arranged transportation back to Bend. It was awesome flying over the route we would have taken by boat, seeing the tops of the towering mountains pockmarked with blue freshwater lakes fed by the lingering snow fields. Robert hand carried a 50 pound box of frozen fish through 3 airports! We missed one flight and had to wait several hours at the Vancouver, B.C. airport for the next flight to Portland. Luckily the hotel there had a convenient walk-in freezer for the fish (I guess they’re used to frozen fish passing through!). We were rescued at the Portland airport by a friend who drove from Bend to pick us up and drive us back to Bend! We enjoyed a neighborhood meal a few days later, entre of grill-roasted chicken provided by grill-meister Robert!

Chickens flavored with fresh herbs from my window boxes and spice mix by Pat! Yummy!

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