October 2, 2023 Day 5 New Zealand

Today we took the bus to the car dealership to pick up our “subscription car”.  Sort of like a car lease rather than a rental car. I spent lots of time communicating with a wonderful gentleman who guided me through the process of applying for the subscription. We started the process over a year ago, then had to cancel, restarting only a few weeks ago. Glitches in the process concerning a US phone number and address really screwed things up, but we finally got it straightened out and our car was waiting for us when we arrived. Robert took on the daunting task of driving on the left side of the road and got us back to the hotel safely! We then decided to walk to the local store and restaurant (we needed to ‘get our steps in’)!

A beautiful bush lily on our walk.

A creek meandering below our usual route we walked which we never noticed before!

Because when you see the Big picture, the new construction really gets your notice!

This is our lovely hotel room; couch, bed, kitchenette, dining table and bathroom. What more do you need?

Maybe a view?

Here’s our view; of the parking lot. At least there are palm trees, a norfolk pine to the right and beautiful, unknown, but striking bird calls at sunrise! And our car, a Toyota Aqua (basically a Prius C) parked right outside the door! The only problem is that the car is really from Japan, and the display screen is in Japanese!

3 Responses to “October 2, 2023 Day 5 New Zealand”

  1. Bill Greene Says:

    Nice place…enjoy!!

  2. rmj Says:

    Arigato Bill!

  3. Sam Says:

    Such different vegetation and critters…and bird calls…can’t wait!

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