October 3, 2023 Day 6 New Zealand

Travel Day! Today we moved to a new area, Bay of Islands! We packed up the Toyota Aqua and headed out. Our first stop was Costco NZ! We needed to stock up on inexpensive necessities like tomato soup and granola! They serve southern fried chicken burgers and fries here! Great for lunch. Further along the road we stopped at “Sheep World”, only for coffee at their cafe! The road became more narrow and curvy past this point.

Are Robert’s knuckles white? Mine were! Note the sign “Keep Left…” that’s our mantra now!

We encountered log trucks, very similar to the Pacific Northwest. Don’t know what kind of wood it is though. We thought Hwy 101 on the Oregon coast was curvy, try that, but driving on the left, and more narrow!

The views of the countryside are spectacular! We saw some sheep, but more cows.

We finally arrived at our destination “Linger Longer” Airbnb. What a view!

The eclectic, whimsical garden is enchanting, and we were immediately at ease and ready to relax!

3 Responses to “October 3, 2023 Day 6 New Zealand”

  1. Bill Says:

    Man, dat’s what I calls livin’….y’all have fun!!

  2. Lori R Says:

    Driving on the left would be a challenge, for sure! The countryside is incredibly beautiful. And I love the garden at your airbnb with a WOW view!

  3. Sam Says:

    John generally has done an excellent job with the “drive left” situation…he was most likely to have problems on the first corner coming out of the parking lot in the morning…stands to reason!

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