November 15, 2023 Day of Rest (Day 49)

Today we enjoyed a slow, sunny, beautiful day here at Bay View Bach in Maketu. A ‘Bach’ is a traditional Kiwi Holiday home, usually a simple cabin at the beach or in the mountains where families gather for school holidays. Here’s a short history of the iconic Kiwi Bach. Of course in the age of AirBnB and VRBO you can find grander designs than a simple cabin! We are very comfortable, with all we need at our bach!

The living room and deck of the Bach, with the fabulous view!

We are located in the small town of Maketu, and have finally learned the proper pronunciation (I hope) as ‘mac-eh-two’. Also, we have been schooled in the pronunciation of the nearby larger town (and Kiwifruit capital of the world) Te Puke as ‘te-pock-eh’.

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