November 16, 2023 Raparapahoe Falls (Day 50)

We had some errands to do in Te Puke (te-pock-eh); shopping, having some documents printed out and getting our necessary capuccino & chai latte! Since it was a nice day we decided to explore the area a little more. We found a nearby waterfall to hike to, Raparapahoe Falls, and after having our picnic lunch in the parking area we headed down the trail, and I mean down!

The steepest of many stairways on the trail!

We met a couple coming up the trail, huffing and puffing, then a group of young people coming up in swimsuits with towels. It was a great hike down through the woods then along a stream bank where the trail had washed out in a few places, to a steep walled bowl where the small falls spilled into a beautiful emerald green swimming hole!

Approaching the falls. I took the high road, climbing up through the trees, Robert took the low road, climbing over rocks on the edge of the stream flowing out of the pool.

We both met at a spot we could view the falls. We would have to get our feet wet to get any closer, and we were not prepared to go swimming unfortunately, it was hot and humid enough though!

As we hiked back the way we came, we could see the steep walls of the canyon on the other side of the river.

Covered with tree ferns and tropical looking vegetation, the steep walls were well disguised.

The steep hike back up! A good heart-pumping workout!

We knew we were close to the end when we came to the trail paved with the roots of this huge tree!

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