November 17, 2023 Work Out (Day 51)

Another day with projected rain that never showed up! We finally headed out for a walk to take advantage of the sunshine despite the wind! We headed down the hill to town and chanced on a couple of vintage cars in the parking lot of the local restaurant.

Model A’s , gorgeously restored!

It takes you back to what we think of as a simpler time.

Walking on we came to the free workout stations on the waterfront. The ocean wind was much appreciated as we tried out all the stations and worked up a sweat in the humidity!

I tried all except what I thought was a sit-up station. It looked like a back killer!

We walked back to the Bach via the Gully walk, welcoming the shade. We have a few blocks to walk and we have a view over another gully filled with what looks like native vegetation, to distant paddocks and a peek-a-boo of the ocean.


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