November 19, 2023 More Rain (Day 53)

More rain overnight, more rain this morning! No wonder it’s so green here! We did more work on the computer.  Then we got a local call, tickets are available for the matinee performance of “Footrot Flats” today! Yay! We had an hour to get cleaned up and go! It was pouring rain, and we finally had something to do, inside!It is a local Repertory Society in a small building next to a community athletic field.

The entryway was decorated with depictions of the cartoon characters.

The small stage was in the center, with the audience on either side. Only 75 allowed. It was a small space, but fit the over one dozen characters!

It was a blast! So funny, and so many references to sex, both the animal breeding part of farm life, and the interactions between Wal’ Footrot (the farmer) and his girlfriend Cheeky Hobson (the local hair stylist). And the animals! The dogs, sheep, pigs and the barnyard cat! At the end of the play we perused the posters of many of the plays the Repertory Society has put on in its 70 year history! This is one I’d like to have seen!

Afterwards we headed to a local brewery, The Packhouse -Lumberjack Brewing, for a delicious pizza with melt-in-your-mouth braised lamb and some excellent Hazy IPA!

The back covered patio where we ate & drank with the rain pouring down, talking with locals and the chef as he grilled wonderful smelling steaks!

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