November 20, 2023 Almost Pukehina Beach (Day 54)

Threatening rain and humid today. We decided to take a walk almost to Pukehina Beach. Ten days ago we drove to Pukehina Beach, almost 25km (15.5 miles) and had a nice walk, collecting shells. Today we walked 3km (about 2 miles) and looked over at the Beach across the estuary. It was a very pleasant walk, it was nice to be out in the breeze!

Starting down the hill there are nasturtiums growing wild! Climbing up the trunk of a tree fern!

We reached the end of the road at the Holiday Park. We went into the office/store and got ice cream bars to cool off. Love the jandals on the fence!

At the end of the Holiday Park is a nice spot to sit and look at the bay and across to Pukehina Beach. We could hear the waves crashing on the other side of the peninsula, but it was calm in the bay. There were even some stand-up paddle boarders in the bay.

At the beginning of the Holiday Park there are permanent trailers with the million dollar view of the bar where the ocean waves enter the bay.

We hiked up the road, sweating from the humidity, back to the Bach to start packing for our 3 day road trip tomorrow. It started raining so Robert set up the grill under cover at the front of the Bach and we had delicious lamb cheeseburger salad with grilled broccoli, mushrooms & onions, garnished with nasturtiums I picked on the way home!

Bright, colorful & delicious!

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