November 26, 2023 Point Hike (Day 60)

We had a beautiful day and headed out for a hike before we got down to business packing to move. We decided to head to the road to Newdick’s Beach, a private road we thought was closed but learned that for a small fee we could drive or hike there. Since it’s walking distance we decided to hike! After paying our $2 NZ to walk the private road, it was a 15 minute stroll down a lane until we saw the water, and a rope swing!

Of course if there’s a swing, I must swing!

To the right was a sandy beach that headed towards the Holiday Park opposite Pukahina Beach.We looked to the left, towards the cobble beach and Okurei Point.

What’s around the point? We decided to explore.

Beautiful expansive vistas out to sea, and tiny masterpieces of nature on shore.

We made it around the point, carefully stepping across the cobble beach.

The rounded tip of Okurei Point.

On the other side of the point we decided we might as well hike all the way to Maketu beach, we could see it in the distance, but how many obstacles would be in our way?

As we hiked, carefully watching our steps over rocks and trees, we looked up to see a sea lion climbing up on a rock close to shore. It was totally oblivious to us! We watched for a little while, then continued on our way.

We could see the beach stretching to the Maketu Beachside Cafe, a welcome sight after our careful trek over the cobbles!

We are very lucky that it was low tide! We saw the marks on the cliff wall that if the tide was up, it would be impassable!

Our route around the point! What an adventure! Over 4 miles round trip from the bach and back.

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