December 12, 2023 Sun to Rain (Day 76)

A beautiful morning sent us out to town on some errands. It was clam, sunny and warm, unusually calm we’re led to believe, this being Windy Welly! We visited the waterfront on our walk around town.

We found the Paddy Fountain! We learned about Paddy the Wanderer at the Wellington Museum.

More beautiful murals in random places around town!

We headed home on the bus and none too soon! A ‘Wellington Southerly’ suddenly descended, the sky darkened, the wind whipped and thunder pealed! Then the hail came, pea sized pellets banged and crashed on the skylights and against the south facing windows! It was roaring! Our hosts messaged us to ask if we’re okay. They live up the hill from the bach we’re in. We messaged back that everything is intact down here! They replied “always a relief to hear things are ok after a Wellington southerly – it’s dramatic isn’t it – comes in with a hiss and a roar and the sky blackens – worst is over in the first quarter of hour or so”.  And so it was!

Hail covered the gravel driveway! There were still piles of hail in spots on the road the next morning!

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