December 16, 2023 Nothing (Day 80)

Today was grey and rainy so we did nothing. It was hard to do nothing so we drove down to the suburb of Karori where we usually catch the bus to get some stamps to mail some cards to people we have met here in NZ. Here’s a map of the Wellington area. The green is where we have driven, starting at the B&B near Makara Beach. Generally the red is where we have hiked, the blue is where we have taken the bus, and the purple is where we have biked.

We have gone further afield by bus and train, but we have found lots to do and see right here in the Wellington Harbour area! And there are still a few adventures awaiting us!

2 Responses to “December 16, 2023 Nothing (Day 80)”

  1. Linda D Charny Says:

    Thanks for the map! I’ve been hoping to see one. Can you post a map showing your travels throughout the island?

  2. rmj Says:

    I might be able to!

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