December 15, 2023 New Friends (Day 79)

Today we bussed into the city to meet fellow Bendites we were introduced to via e-mail by our mutual friends in Prineville. Katy & Steve are on a monthlong visit to the North Island of New Zealand and we happen to be in the same city today. We met at the Te Papa Museum cafe and spent over 2 hours talking about NZ, travel in general and back home (Bend)! It turns out they live only about a mile from us back home! Since we had never met before I used the old cardboard sign method of finding them in the crowded cafe!

I got some strange looks from some cafe patrons, but it worked and we found them!

We had a wonderful time and parted ways as the cafe was being closed down! Robert and I headed over to the grocery store and bought some food for dinner then bussed our way back to the B&B to grill our fish.

Monkfish grilled with lemon! The seafood (kaimoana -literally foodsea, or “food which has been gathered from the sea”) is awesome and fresh in this island nation!


2 Responses to “December 15, 2023 New Friends (Day 79)”

  1. Katrina Says:

    We made the travel blog!
    So good to meetcha, and thanks for the tips and tricks. Safe journeys on the rest of your big year, and we look forward to finding each other again in Bend.
    Katy and Steve

  2. Linda D Charny Says:

    Imagine traveling so far to meet new neighbors!

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