January 7, 2024 Sunrise (Day 102)

We got up early this morning and took the short walk to the beach to watch the sunrise over the ocean!

Very few clouds on the horizon this morning!

It warmed up quickly as the sun rose, and very little breeze this morning!

We returned to the B&B for a great Sunday morning breakfast; eggs, fried potatoes, sliced leftover grilled lamb and toast. Yum. Robert got the bicycles from storage and we tried to fit them to our height and headed out for a ride on the local bike path along the estuary.

Tide is in on the estuary, floating the artsy boat.

Our ride was short-lived. The bikes just don’t fit us and we were getting sore shoulders and necks. We headed back to the B&B and relaxed in the sun on the front deck. It was warm enough to make use of the outdoor bathtub under the apricot tree so I filled it with hot water and bubblebath and enjoyed a good soak!

A glass of wine, some music and a view of our B&B bach, shaded by the apricot tree!

2 Responses to “January 7, 2024 Sunrise (Day 102)”

  1. Katrina Says:

    Outdoor bath under an appreciate tree with a glass of wine. No, that’s what i’m talking about!

  2. rmj Says:

    Yes!! It was about the first really warm day we’ve had, so I took advantage!

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