March 7 Back to Greymouth (Day 162)

We had an early morning, packing and heading across the street to the Z gas station for Flat-White-Naked-Takeaway’s (that’s Kiwi speak for to-go double espresso coffee with steamed milk, no sugar, very little foam!). Then a stroll under the colorful sunrise to the train station to board our scenic train to return to Greymouth on the west coast.

A rather balmy morning.

We’re not in Scenic Plus class this trip, just regular class, but we had finished off the Afghan dinner for breakfast and didn’t need the cafe car today!

Back through the beautiful scenery to Arthur’s Pass where again about half the passengers left the train to board busses to other scenic stops.

The 5 hour trip finished at about 2pm in Greymouth where we collected the car and found the retail fish shop next to Westfleet Seafood on the wharf of the Grey River. With fresh and frozen fish in hand we continued shopping at the local grocery store to stock up then headed up the coast to our Airbnb.

A wonderful dinner of grilled fish, flavored rice and a fresh salad to finish off a great day!

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