March 16 Turf and Surf (Day 171)

Our last supply run into Westport. We stopped at the Westcoast Pie Company for lunch before shopping and enjoyed wild game pies (the turf). I had a himilayan tahr with cumin pie and Robert had a wild hare and mushroom pie!

We didn’t have the 2 beers to make it a 3 course meal though!

After shopping for the few essentials we need to last the 5 days we have left here, we headed to the coast along Charleston to catch the surf (on camera!).

Robert flew the drone while I sat watching the waves.

We headed back home to spruce up and head up the hill to join our host for a glass of wine. Her friend came by and we had a wonderful conversation over appetizers of sashimi fresh fish with wasabi and our host’s own brand of Fritz’s Weiners with an assortment of dips, cheese and crackers!

While rain threatened in the distance we moved inside and enjoyed the company of our host, her friend and their dogs!

Terriers! We got our doggie fixes, and wonderful memories of Mavrik!

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