March 17 Sunday Market (Day 172)

Today is another Sunday Market at Fox River. We learned from our host’s friend last evening that the Market is run by the commune at Fox River . We asked if they would like a donation of a small gas BBQ grill and 2 camp chairs and she said to talk to Bill at the Market. So we took our little grill and camp chairs to the market and donated them. In appreciation we received coffees, cookies and a book about the history of Fox River, formerly the town of Brighton!

Our great little grill. It was used frequently and now has a new home!

Since the morning mist and drizzle was burned off by the sun, we did a little exploring. The old bridge, built around 1929 when the road was finally opened on the coast, has been replaced and no longer crosses the river.

Looking back across the Fox River towards the town site of Brighton which is now home of the commune of Katajuta. You can see the top of the white tent in the background, just to the right of the old bridge, where the Market is held every Sunday in the summer. It’s hard to believe that over 3000 people lived at the base of those hills in 1867-69 and mined gold in them thar hills!

We headed back home and decided to go down to the beach since it was turning out to be a glorious day!

We got onto the beach just north of the house, the other side of the ‘haystack’ rock we can see from the deck. You can spot the roof of the house half way up the the hill to the left of the haystack rock.

It was relaxing to just watch the waves rolling in.

We headed home to do some chores. I washed and vacuumed the car and we had a grilled fish dinner. Another beautiful sunset to close out a wonderful day! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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