March 18 Biohazards (Day 173)

Today we prepped to do a practice packing since we will be moteling it for a few days as we ferry and drive back to Auckland. Since we will be flying internationally we decided we need to inspect for biohazards that may delay our entry into Australia. Boy, our shoes are covered in biohazard! Mud from our last long hike on the Inland Pack Track was well dried on our shoes so we had to spray and scrub them thouroughly!After that chore was done we relaxed and finished the little bit of NZ Limoncello we purchased several months ago, using it to flavor a gin and tonic with the NZ gin we bought in Queenstown. Can’t take it with you!We are trying to use up the food we brought with us, and we had a package of sea perch to grill, so I attempted my first homemade tortillas to make fish tacos! Though they don’t look that photogenic, they were definitely NOT biohazards! They were delicious with rice and beans, homemade pico de gallo, and salad garnish. We’ve never found fresh jalapeno peppers in NZ so we had to do with dried chili pepper flakes and packaged taco seasoning.After that delicious meal we were able to enjoy a nice sunset, and a fire in the woodstove as the temps cooled down a lot!

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