June 3 Ermoupolis (Day 250)

The wooden sailing ship was heading out of port before……the sun rose in the east. We took a stroll early, before the sun made it too hot to go out!Some early morning bathers emerging from the sea.Modern artwork outside classic Greek port authority buildings.A chance to get some pictures of our lodging. A very narrow doorway opens onto the street, leading you up a few stairs into a hallway with a spiral staircase behind an iron gate. Our room is through the gate and up the spiral stairs. The landing with the small desk has 2 doorways, one to the bedroom and bath, the other to a spacious closet/dressing room with a small refrigerator and coffee maker, The stairs continue to the rooftop, opening to a spacious terrace, half of which is for our room exclusively, overlooking the harbor with the expensive boats!

We took a long siesta in the heat of the day, enjoying the air conditioning in our room. We ventured out as it began to cool slightly in the evening.The city hall in the main town square.One of the buildings displaying the neoclassical architecture the town is known for. Ermoupolis is a fairly new city, settled during the War of Independence in the 1820’s. Syros remained neutral during the war so it was a haven for many Greeks to settle relatively unscathed, especially those that had been successful merchants in the Ottoman Empire. For more pictures and descriptions of the town check out this website; The Mediterranean Traveller.
We climbed some stairs and steep roads to reach this church bathed in lights.And back at the harbor the boats of last night have been replaced with more, some even bigger and more luxurious!

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