June 4 Ano Syros (Day 251)

I set out on a trek this morning, navigating the narrow lanes of the ‘new’ town and found the way to the narrower, steeper lanes of the ‘old’ town!

Which way to go? Default to going uphill!

Ano Syros, or “upper” Syros is a medieval city established by Venetians in the 1100’s, on the hill behind the newer town of Ermoupolis. It was a fortified city on the top of the hill, crowned with Saint George Cathedral, my goal this morning.

I’ve got more climbing to do!

About 45 minutes later I got to the church!

I was so thankful for the sanctuary! It was relatively cool inside the church and I had it to myself to cool down, explore, genuflect before the alter and light a candle to those loved ones who have passed.

View out a window of the Cathedral towards the church on another hill, a true ‘coat of arms’ over a door frame revealed during restorations, the baptistry with a painting of John the Baptist of course!

I had a myriad of options to descend through the village back to the port! I wandered around randomly in the lanes, admiring the architecture.I stopped for a lemonade to rehydrate in the heat and had this great panorama!I finally got back down and gratefully collapsed into the air conditioned room! I got cleaned up and we went out to restock with some groceries and wine for lunch.

The small stores and vendors sell top quality food! No mega department stores, just specialized shops, baker, butcher, green grocer and gelateria!

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