June 18 To Nettuno (Day 265)

Today is a travel day, and we arranged to take the rental car back to the agency this morning and have them transport us and our packs to the train station so we didn’t have to carry the packs on our backs the one mile from the hotel to the station! We had over 4 hours on the train ahead of us, with less than a 45 minute layover in Rome before boarding another train. We rode along the coast and then through Naples, heading into the countryside on the way to Rome. Brief glimpses of stone aqueducts and ancient ruins alerted us we were near Rome! The station was hot and we were lucky that our train was waiting at the station so we were able to board and relax in air conditioning during our layover! A little over an hour later we disembarked in Netunno, a ‘suburb’ over 60 km from Rome on the Mediterranean coast. We had a short 5 minute walk to our hotel where we were able to get in fairly quickly and turn on the air conditioning and relax! We waited until close to sunset to venture out and find dinner!

Yum, Pizza!

A short walk took us to the beach, or the road above the beach along the ancient city wall.

The Sea is calm and hazy with the heat wave settled over the whole area!

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