June 20 Another Travel Day (Day 227)

Yesterday after our visit to the cemetery we did some grocery shopping on the way back to the hotel, then napped and cleaned up to go out for the evening.

The room is on the 2nd floor, there is an elevator, but it’s slower and less fun than using the spiral staircase!

We went down to the huge marina. This must be a pleasure sailing craft mecca!

‘Modern’ buildings are built right up to the medieval ramparts of the old city wall!

We found a little bar serving chicken wings and giant tater tots in the “Borgo Medioevale” or Medieval Village.

We got up this morning and packed for our 11am train ride to Castiglione del Lago, almost smack in the middle of Italy, a 4 hour trip.

Our travelin’ clothes.

We made it to our destination and our host picked us up at the train station which we were very grateful for! Castiglione del Lago is on a hill and it was 95 degrees out and humid!

Another walled medieval city, this one on a hill overlooking a lake. This is one of the 3 gates into the village center.

Lake Trasimeno is the 4th largest lake in Italy (after the more famous Garda, Maggiore and Como). It is also the shallowest, at only 4-6 meters deep. It has no natural outlet and is fed by rainfall only. It becomes swampy in times of drought and was prone to malaria outbreaks in the distant past!

A montage of our Airbnb, a remodeled ancient apartment right on the main town square!

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