Sticking Close to Home

We didn’t travel very far everyday for our Central Oregon adventures. Some days we didn’t even drive off the property! We walked around the neighborhood and up on Pumice Butte less than a mile from home and had a great view of the mountains.



We had lunch on the patio, grilled shrimp and a wonderful tomato salad provided by Raymonde.


We saw some wildlife on the road near home, but not to worry, I don’t think they’re dangerous!


We also took a walk along the canal, something we try to do with all our visitors. We don’t have TV so we rely on the river for our visual entertainment! We have a great view of Lava Island Falls.


After a good nights sleep, Michel was out early in the morning to catch a few fish for breakfast! Too bad we don’t have any big fish in the canal!


Canoeing Hosmer Lake


Robert prepared the ‘mothership’ Old Town canoe with the electric trolling motor for our leisurely float on our favorite high cascades lake. Only electric motors are allowed on Hosmer Lake which is also a favorite for fly fishermen in waders and float tubes. We shoved off in the early afternoon, giving the weather plenty of time to warm up for us.


Raymonde and I enjoyed our spots in the tow canoe. We had lots of opportunity to enjoy the views and the wildlife, mostly water birds.


South Sister still has a little snow left on the glaciers, and a beautiful reflection in the clear lake waters. We beached in a cove and had a picnic lunch. The sound of the cooler lid opening brought camp visitors, more aptly called camp robbers! These Clark’s Nutcrackers must visit everyone who stops here, they were fearless!


Our return float was very relaxing for me and Raymonde!


While Michel kept his eye on the distant shore.


Paulina Peak


We chose a sunny but cold day to visit Newberry Crater and drive to the summit of Paulina Peak. We had a great view of the volcanic basin and even Fort Rock in the distance. We found fresh snow under the stunted pines at the top, a reminder of how cold it was in Bend yesterday!


Paulina and East Lake lay below us with the big obsidian flow between them. We headed down into the crater and took a hike through the flow.


The most fascinating things I discovered were the bonsai lodgepole pines growing up through the cracks.


A Cold Day in Bend

Wednesday was cloudy and very cold so we decided to stick close to home! Robert and Michel took a long morning walk and saw 6 deer along Buck Canyon Road, none of them bucks though. We headed into town and discovered the Farmers Market in Drake Park and bought some groceries, fresh corn on the cob and Bison Rib Eye for grilling later.


A trip to REI was advantageous. Raymonde found a lightweight sleeping bag to keep her extra warm on these cold Oregon nights! We headed home for Bison chili con carne and cornbread with corn on the cob, a new experience for our Swiss friends. Of course we washed it down with wine, fresh fruit and lots of laughter.


If it’s Tuesday We Must be at the Metolious!


We took our visitors to the Head of the Metolious, the river that appears to spring full blown from the base of Black Butte near Sisters. After a nice pique-nique we took the short walk for the view, then continued on to Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery and a hike along the river to watch the fly fishermen.


A feeding frenzy and a flash of fin as the fish fight for food!


Michel can claim this catch (but he would be fibbing – a real fish story). We did a little sightseeing on the gravel forest service roads looking for deer, we saw about 6 does and fawns. Then found our way to Canyon Creek campground and another spring flowing into the Metolious River.