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Wagon Train

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Back in the Black Rock Desert on June 7 we were camped out on the playa, and saw a cloud of dust in the distance. Over time the mirage of blobs floating above the sand materialized into a horse-drawn wagon train that slowly passed our site. It took them enough time that we could walk out and say hi to the teamsters. They were on their way to Silver City, Idaho from somewhere in California. I was even offered a job as ‘swamper‘ for one of the wagons, but I have our own ‘wagon train’ to take care of!

The 5-wagon train appears out of the mirage on the desert.

Close enough to see some of the teams are mules, some are horses.

The train continued into the distance towards their destination.

We headed back to our 'wagon' to return to Bend.

Davis Lake Canoeing

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

On August 16 we loaded up all the gear for a beautiful day up in the high lakes. We stopped at Davis Lake, unloaded the canoe and headed out on the calm waters. It was a very warm and relaxing day.


Sunday, August 29th, 2010

On August 15 we organized all the necessary tools and proceeded to spend the day tending the smoker and pressure canner to can 15 pints of wild caught Alaska Sockeye Salmon. Unfortunately we can’t brag that we caught the fish ourselves, we just caught the really good sale at Albertson’s!

A total of 5 fish, each over 3 pounds, two racks, completely filled up the smoker!

One hour of smoking and the fish looked and smelled great!

After skinning and removing big bones (and of course tasting delicious bites!) it was time to can.

July 26 -BBBB (109 miles)

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Bend to Brookings and Back on a Bike!

We decided to have a little adventure in these dog days of summer and make a camping trip along half of the “Corner to Corner” route that Robert and Mark took last summer (see August 2009 Archives). To take Mavrik along we had to have the Jeep which also carried all the camping gear, water, food, etc. But, I wanted to ride my motorcycle as well to experience some of the adventure of the Corner to Corner concept. Robert did major maintenance on the Suzuki DR 350 including a new turn signal and rear tire and we gathered all the gear and packed it (tightly) in the Jeep and were ready to start out on Monday, July 26.

A hail storm delayed our start for about an hour. At least it cooled the temperature from 90 to 70!
Robert rode the motorcycle the first 35 miles on the pavement, then I took over and got soaked in a rainstorm as we passed Wickiup Reservoir, with Mt. Bachelor in the background. This picture is from a previous trip.
A sign forest, which way do we go?
We took Windigo Pass road and crossed the Pacific Crest Trail in a cloud of mosquitoes.
Our first campsite, the Forest Service’s Toketee airfield, the most open area to avoid the mosquitoes!
We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset reflected on the clouds over the airfield.

July 27 – Toketee to Skookum (57 miles)

Friday, August 6th, 2010

We woke to a dewy morning and moved the tent and contents to the sunny runway to dry out.

Mavrik found a comfortable spot in the sun, but I think he was wishing it was a couch!
We packed up and got on the road, but took time to spot and sample some of the ripe wild berries.
We passed a picturesque mountain marsh.
We had great views looking east over the Rogue-Umpqua Wilderness towards the Cascades.
Mt. Scott is in the distance, on the east side of Crater Lake.
We took a lunch break on the Castle Rock Fork of the South Umpqua river, and took a dip in the cool clear water.
We meandered the logging roads and passed several rock formations before finding our correct route.
We detoured to take a look at Skookum Pond and found a great campsite for the night, and NO mosquitoes!
Another great sunset!

July 28 -Skookum to Elderberry (92 miles)

Friday, August 6th, 2010

We woke to another beautiful day and had a leisurely breakfast. We got on the road at about 10 am and traveled some pavement to a gravel road junction where we found the World’s Tallest Sugarpine. It’s among other tall trees and we missed the sign at first, I backtracked on the bike and took pictures for Robert to see.

The World's Tallest Sugarpine.

We continued towards Tiller to gas up. All roads here seem to lead to Tiller, but sometimes a gravel road we took lead us away from Tiller!

Lots of logging on one road towards Tiller.

We passed Devil's Flat campground where we saw this restored log structure.

We found excellent camping at Elderberry Flat on the West Fork of Evans Creek.

Better yet, it had a great swimming hole! Mavrik enjoyed playing in the water, chasing a cork tied to his Barbie fishing pole!

Yay, he finally caught the cork!

July 29 -Elderberry to Argo (67 miles)

Friday, August 6th, 2010

After a morning dip in the swimming hole we packed up and continued our adventure. We are in BLM land now (Bureau of Land Management) and their signage system is bizarre if it is existent! We inadvertently got on a powerline road that was rough and steep. We backtracked and found our intended road, then had to backtrack again after trying to go over King Mountain. We met a Pacific Power worker in his truck coming down King Mtn. who advised against traveling through the private property on the top of the mountain.

The powerline road. Robert scouted ahead on foot. He and Mark took this route on their bikes last year, but we don't want to risk getting stuck too far out in the Jeep!

We got back on track after trying to go over King Mountain on the right.

Our lunch break stop was at Wolf Creek Inn State Heritage Site, just west of I-5 Highway.

It was a great stopping point, as it has been since 1883.

The Ladies Parlor was a cool refuge from the intense sun and heat.

We continued on the paved but narrow winding road along Wolf Creek and Grave Creek to the Argo campsite on the banks of the Rogue River.

A rare shaded spot at the Argo gravel bar where rafters put in for a trip on the wild and scenic Rogue River.

Another swimming hole!

July 30 -Argo

Friday, August 6th, 2010

At Argo we met friends who are starting their own adventure, a 3 day raft trip down the Rogue River through the Wild Rogue Wilderness. We relaxed for the day and watched many rafters arrive, pack and cast off, while others on day trips arrived on rafts from upstream to take out at Argo.

Busy packing all the gear for a 3 day river trip.

Last minute checking of directions and instructions! Which way are we going? Downstream!

Cast off! Wave goodbye and make sure Mavrik doesn't stow away!

July 31 -Argo to Redwood Bar (115 miles)

Friday, August 6th, 2010

We left Argo and headed over the Coastal Route through the Siskiyou National Forest. The logging roads bordered the Kalmiopsis Wilderness which the Illinois River flows through.

Looking out at the Klamath Mountains.

A field of blooming buckwheat brought out the butterflies.

Approaching Snow Camp Mountain through a burnt area. And the road goes on forever!

Our destination, a campsite at Redwood Bar on the Chetco River. The next morning we saw a beaver body surf the channel in front of us!

Robert and Mavrik after a dip in the river.

Aug. 1 -Redwood Bar to Brookings to Wildhorse (78 miles)

Friday, August 6th, 2010

There was fog in the trees this morning and the scent of ocean in the air. A 24 mile ride brought us to the Oregon/California border. I made it! 464 miles on my bike (Robert did the first 33 miles)!

I made it!

We spent some time in Brookings, resupplying at the Fred Meyer store, doing laundry and having a great seafood lunch before heading back into the mountains on our return trip.

Looking down at the Chetco River from high on Mineral Hill.

The Jeep 4 wheeling up to Snow Camp Lookout. The only 4 wheel drive section of the trip, only 2 miles.

The Klamath Mountains through fir trees.

We made it to Wildhorse Campground nestled in big firs next to a sunny meadow.

We made a makeshift fishing pole for Mavrik to chase the cork. His Barbie fishing pole broke from too much sand at one of the swimming holes.

The view from the 'loo.

The campsite backlit by the sunset.